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It’s Frosty!

postcards2This cute little card comes from Mieke in Belgium, also wishing me a happy festive season. What can I say informatively about this card? I just googled ‘snowman’, unsure what it could possibly tell me that people here don’t already know… Snowmen are exactly what the name states! So just enjoy taking in this cheery one!

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Estonia via Belgium

postcards_2_2_2This pretty card comes from Estonian Krista who now lives in Belgium. I don’t know much about Estonia, but from the few cards I’ve received, these hut-like barns are quite common in the countryside there. Great card!

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Beautiful Belgium

postcards_2I quite often play the game ‘what do you think of when you think of X country?’ and it’s always great to get cards like this one from Anne-Catherine in Belgium, which really open my eyes! This stunning view is just not what I imagine of the tiny country, although my memories do go back to a rather dreary year 8 history trip in autumnal drizzle. This fantastic card shows the Aiguilles de Chaleux – a beautiful area popular with rock climbers. I can’t find much more about it online though, so if anyone knows anything about the actual place in this photograph, I’d love to know more! Anne-Catherine has also been kind enough to send this from a meeting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Post Europ, so it has a unique cancellation stamp on it too! Wonderful!

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Neolithic Mines

ArchaeologyExcAlthough all that Jean Marie in Belgium says on this card is “Bonjour de Belgique” a little investigation on my part has revealed that this image is of Spiennes Neolithic flint mines during their excavation. Very cool card considering my love for archaeology!

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Double the Fun From Brussels!

These two great cards come from Nico in Belgium. The first shows Brussels where he studies and he explains the building on the left is a very grand-looking museum. He also tells me more about Manneken Pis (the fountain of the peeing boy in the middle): apparently the story is of a little boy who saved the city from fire by peeing on it! The final place in the image is of a street famous for its restaurants. The second card comes from Saint Guilhem le Desert in southern France a medieval village and monastery built in 804. he tells me it was a great place to go hiking in the hills even if it was very hot! Awesome cards!

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Brussels Flower Market

Today was a day of many (8!!) postcards arriving, probably after a Jubilee backlog! Anyway, this beauty, showing the Brussels market place (a UNESCO site apparently), full of flowers comes from Mieke in Belgium. She tells me she’s never seen it herself but hopes to next time its out. Its quite an exceptional view!

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A Belgian Delicacy!

Chips and mayo! One of my favourite winter indulgences! This card is (need I say it?) from Belgium, sent by Oele, who tells me all about the Belgian love of ‘frites’, where you can buy them (frituuz) and how she likes to eat them (also with mayonnaise). The stamp also has a really cool and traditionally depicted werewolf on it! Awesome card, with a wonderfully bizarre picture!

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Obscurely Comical

So I am finally up to date with posts and can say for the first time that this postcard arrived TODAY! It came from a fellow postcrosser in Belgium, Yasmin who tells me about her studies and how she bought this from a Dutch store. Definitely put a smile on my face!

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A Belgian Christmas

Christmas 2009: my only Christmas postcard! This one came from Guillaume in Belgium, and pictures the cheeky Manneken Pis in a Santa outfit. Definitely a memorable Christmas card, and one that stays on my wall all year round!

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Toilet Roll Anyone?

Another arty one from Guillaume in Belgium, 2009. Written in French with just a brief description of how this picture made him smile and then a little discussion about smiles themselves, I really like this card. The picture is very amusing, but its the quirkiness of the postcard in its entirety – picture, message and all that makes me really smile.

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