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The Hill of Crosses

postcards1_2_2_2This amazing card comes from Rita in Lithuania and was sent from a mini postcrossing meet up. It shows the Hill of Crosses in the north of the country. A pilgrimage site thought to date back to the 1831 Uprising, but added to every day. In 1900 there were 130 crosses on the site, but by 2006 it was estimated that there were 100,000, even taking into account some (very sad) Soviet destruction in the 1960s and 1970s. It has now even been visited by the Pope and declared a place of peace and hope. Beautiful. Thank you Rita.

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Little Banksy?

ColouredZebraThis bright and colourful card comes from Dovile in Lithuania. She tells me her town of Telsiai is situated on seven hills surrounding a beautiful lake and that legend states it was formed by a valiant knight called Dziugas. Amazing! And the card is quirky too! Love it!

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An Engraving of Klaipeda

KlaipedaThis beautiful card comes from Simona in Lithuania and shows the coastal city of Klaipeda in an engraving from 1684. Simona tells me that she is studying interior design and architecture – sounds awesome! Great card! Love it!

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A Saint Nicholas Icon

LithuaniaIconThis beautiful card comes from Emilija in Lithuania and shows an icon dating back to the 14th century of Saint Nicholas holding a gospel. She tells me she is a student who loves to dance, read and volunteer and that she’s always happy. So lovely!

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Amazonian Parrots

This cute card comes from Lina in Lithuania. I can’t decide whether it looks like the one on the right is yawning or if it’s squawking at the one on the left who seems to be turning away in disgust! Either way, its a very cute and colourful postcard!

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A First From Lithuania

This one is from Olga in Lithuania, my first from the country! On it she tells me about the importance of castles in tradition there and how her local one in Trakai is associated with a specific Duke. Its a really interesting historical postcard!

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