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Spis Castle

Scan 1 - Version 2This spectacular card of Spis Castle in Slovakia has to be up there in my Top 20 cards… it is stunning! This comes from Martina who says she thinks this site is beautiful and man, is she right! Spis Castle, a UNESCO site, is one of the largest castles in Central Europe. Built in the 12th century, in place of a previous castle, Spis Castle has technically been a part of Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Slovakia in its time! However, there is no debating that this beautiful ruin, nestled on its mountain top, has always been an imposing sight. Fantastic card!

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Tatra National Park

Tatra National ParkThis beautiful card comes from Martinka in Slovakia. She tells me Tatra is the largest and most famous National Park in the country. Such a gorgeous image!

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A Slovakian Medieval Town

This card arrived today as part of a direct swap over Postcrossing. In return, I sent Ivana from Slovakia a card from London. This beautiful card shows her medieval town which has recently gained UNESCO status. She also asks me if I know her university professor who shares the same surname as me, but considering I have one of the most common surnames in England, I don’t! Back to the topic though, I really love the beauty of the pictures on this card – very historical!

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